3 Deadly Hardcore Training That'll Make You Jump Higher In Basketball In 3 Weeks !

Published: 20th April 2010
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Having a decent vertical jump is one thing, but to be able to jump higher in basketball within 3 weeks... as in, really improve your leaping ability in a matter of weeks... now that is not a feat many athletes or basketball players can achieve.

If you are really keen in improving your hops and taking your game to a whole different level, a level where your game will be played in the air... then, the following tips and workout is going to help you achieve that:

In order for you to jump higher in basketball in just 3 weeks, you need power.

Power = Strength x Speed

As such, if you want to gain and reap the maximum benefit out of your vertical training, so as to see results and jump higher fast, you have to find trainings that integrates both strength and speed.

That way, you will be able to gain massive power off your jump without doing additional workouts or taking more rest time in between. In other words, gaining both strength and speed with just 1 single workout.

The following jump training workouts are some hardcore stuff that integrates both speed and strength training into them. In fact, the training is going to add a lot of strength and speed into your jumping ability. When you put them into your everyday workout routine, believe me, you will have some awesome hops faster than you can imagine.

1) The Kettle Bell Swing - Simple, yet brutally effective. The kettle bell swing trains every single part of your core muscles needed for balance and jumping. This workout also helps to inject some tough, manly muscles into your arms and back. Because the nature of this workout is almost like a stimulated jumping motion, you will not only increase your vertical jump, but also improve your jumping form as well.

2) The Olympic Lift - This awesome power lifting workout trains all the muscle group all the way from your ankles to your hip. In other words, you are actually building jumping power from your ankles up... and in all aspects and benefits you can reap from this training... it is nothing but a brutal shortcut way to get your 40 inch vertical jump.

3) Full back squats - Full back squats is one of the most effective trainings that'll help you jump higher in basketball fast. This vertical jumping workout is very effective because it adds massive strength to your quadriceps and hamstring. In other words, if you want a 40 inch vertical leap, you should never try to skip this traditional form of jump training.

The primary focus of this workout is strength. and if you remember the formula of power above, strength is what fuels the power... when you combine them with speed training exercise like sprinting and plyometrics... the results that it does to your hops can really be devastating!

If you are looking for more advance training and powerful workouts to increasing your vertical jump, one of the most comprehensive jump training resource for basketball athletes is the Vertical Jump Vault. It contains up to date killer workouts that you can immediately use to increase your hops in less than 3 weeks.

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